Hai Tian Xiong Ying (2024) - EPISODE 1

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Hai Tian Xiong Ying (2024)

  • Genres: Military
  • Country: china
  • Director: Liu Jia Cheng
  • Duration: 36 Episodes
  • Year: 2024
  • Actors: Zhu Ya Wen, Hou Yong, Li You Bin, Du Chun
As China's first aircraft carrier began sea trials, the Chinese Navy formed its first carrier-based aircraft test flight team. Elite young pilots Xie Zhen Yu and Yu Tao, led by Commander Qin Da Di, a decorated navy pilot, tackled the global challenge of carrier landing and takeoff with scientific rigor and a sense of mission and urgency. With the carrier fleet operational, Xie Zhen Yu and Yu Tao, embodying "the spirit of sea and air eagle," led China's jets soaring across vast skies.

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